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Empowering an interim brand launch

When Edison International acquired several companies in the energy industry and combined them into a start-up energy consultancy, Edison Energy, they turned to DoubleTake Design to quickly create a brand and supporting marketing material for a launch event. The objectives were to:

  • Create an interim brand for the start-up company, to be showcased at an important industry launch event to investors, potential customers and the media in less than three months
  • Give the new brand credibility for a year or two, by creating a tie to the parent company brand, positioning it to eventually stand on its own as an innovative, industry-changing company
  • Create a website, marketing material and event materials in less than three months to meet the public announcement date
  • Make a big splash in the industry via the launch and the value proposition the innovative new company could offer its customers — large corporate, industrial and institutional energy consumers

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Event Materials

dtd Edison Event Materials
dtd Edison Event Materials
dtd Edison Event Materials
dtd Edison Event Materials
dtd Edison Event Materials
dtd Edison Event Materials

With DoubleTake Design we were able to create a successful look and feel for the new company in a few weeks, something our competitors haven’t been able to do in nine months.

Website Design & Development

dtd Edison devices

Marketing Materials

dtd Edison MarketingMaterials 1

dtd Edison MarketingMaterials 3

White Papers

dtd Edison Energy White Papers 1

dtd Edison Energy White Papers 2

Presentation Design

dtd Edison presentations 1
dtd Edison presentations 2
dtd Edison presentations 3
dtd Edison presentations 5
dtd Edison presentations 6
dtd Edison presentations 7
dtd Edison presentations 8
dtd Edison presentations 10
dtd Edison presentations 9


dtd Edison advertising


DoubleTake Design art-directed these videos, produced by Edison International.

Highlights of the Launch event on March 29, 2016 during which Edison International introduced its new company, Edison Energy — created to help the largest users of energy in the United States manage their energy efficiently and cost-effectively.

Introductory video about Edison Energy.

Infographic Development

dtd Edison Infographics 1
dtd Edison Infographics 2
dtd Edison Infographics 3
dtd Edison Infographics 4

Tradeshow Exhibit Design

dtd Edison Tradeshow displays
dtd Edison Tradeshow materials


Lobby Monitors

edison lobby monitors image

Icon Development

dtd Edison Icons 1
dtd Edison Icons 2
dtd Edison Icons 3

Want to amp up your start-up launch?

“DoubleTake Design is 150% reliable. They are outstanding at two things. First, they are pragmatic in terms of delivering the possible. They will tell you outright what they can and can’t do. Second, they are dogmatic in their determination to deliver. They work tirelessly to make sure they deliver on their promises.”
Interim Chief Marketing Officer
Edison Energy