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Using direct mail for hands-on impact

We had the pleasure of supporting the Getty Images marketing department for years, and created many different types of direct mail pieces for various products and promotions. Here are some samples.

Direct Mail

Music introduction

For years, Getty Images only licensed photos, then they added videos and music. The marketing team wanted a creative piece to introduce the music offering and to explain the various services offered. We designed a piece that had a die-cut volume knob that could be spun on the cover of the brochure — you’ll see that it goes to 11, a fun reference to the movie Spinal Tap.

getty images direct mail volume image

Agreed Rates Campaign

This direct mail piece was part of an integrated tactical campaign targeting the corporate segment with unique messaging used to promote the customer benefits of having all imagery needs serviced by Getty Images. Oftentimes, budgets and other factors overrule creative decisions and Getty Images would lose revenue from its own clients to competitors. This campaign, and all its components, helped initiate or continue conversations between the sales teams and corporate customers. Customers could “flex (their) muscles”, getting more from Getty Images for less, with customizable subscription service packages.

getty images direct mail strength image

Annual Holiday Calendar

For several years, we created calendars and holiday cards for Getty Images to send to customers, featuring amazing photos, of course!

getty images direct mail holiday image 01
getty images direct mail holiday image 02

Web-Resolution Promo

This promotional piece unfolded to feature amazing photo after amazing photo, highlighting a new, lower-price promotion for web-resolution images and conveying the customer could afford all of the images with this new pricing. The headlines read, “I’ll take that one. And that one. And that one …”

getty images direct mail take that one image

Picture Researcher Kit

This unique kit was comprised of a folder with intriguing editorial images and was targeted to picture researchers at publishing companies around the world. We designed it so there was no text on the folder (which cost the most to print). A thin brochure was inserted into the pocket of the folder and was translated into many languages, saving Getty Images production costs but still providing a beautiful piece to all of the publishers.

getty images direct mail complete picture image

Awards Season Campaign

One hundred fifty frequent purchasers of the Getty Images entertainment product were sent unique “You are special” type gift baskets. The goal was to communicate that Getty appreciated their business, understood they were in middle of the most important season, and they deserved the best just like the people they wrote about. This special brochure was included in the basket, and:

  • Highlighted Media new products and services
  • Encouraged recipients to register on a microsite about Entertainment video and Music and enter to win a contest
  • Kept Getty “top of mind” with these key entertainment purchasers
  • Reinforced to key customers that Getty has the greatest content and coverage anywhere with Wire, Getty and Film Magic content
getty images direct mail awards season image

Want to really connect with direct?

“As the Regional Marketing Manager for Getty Images, I have used DoubleTake Design for years and am very happy with their unbelievable attention to quality, customer service and good value. Cathie, especially, will tell you things you don’t always want to hear in order to make the final product the best as it can be. At the same time, though, she considers your original goals and objectives and answers them to perfection each and every time. I would strongly recommend their services to any corporate company, large or small.”
Former Director of Marketing and Public Relations
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