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Gearing up for annual report season, Getty Images wanted to address the fact that sales for Rights Managed (RM) imagery in the annual report/financial report category had dipped 17% over the previous year. Getty sought to increase revenue via existing clients and by gaining new accounts.

Music was a new offering for them, and since there was a trend for companies to share annual report information online, an additional goal for this campaign was to cross-sell film, music and photo assignments services. Getty planned to offer a discount to those who hadn’t purchased RM in the past to help offset their client’s budget cuts, which were prevalent at that time because of the 2008 economic crisis.

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For this project, we presented two concepts: “Make it work” and “Stimulate possibility,” with ideas for how the concepts could unfold, featuring compelling Getty Images visuals. Ultimately, the client chose “Stimulate Possibility,” but both ideas were well-received.

getty arc concepts image 2
getty arc concepts image 3
getty arc concepts image 4
getty arc concepts image 1
getty arc concepts image 7
getty arc concepts image 5
getty arc concepts image 6
getty arc concepts image 8

Direct Mail

The direct mail component consisted of attention-grabbing oversized postcards that featured an arresting image, the offer and a link to the microsite.

getty arc postcard image

Website Design & Development


The campaign’s concept was based on the Stimulus Act of 2008. This site was created in Flash, a previously dominant platform for multimedia content before HTML5. Please view the site on a computer, as Flash is not supported on mobile devices. Download Flash here

getty arc microsite image 01
getty arc microsite image 002
getty arc microsite image 003
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getty arc microsite image 005
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getty arc microsite image 008
getty arc microsite image 007
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