Brand Revitalization | Lund International

Turning confusion into cohesion

The challenge:

After acquiring seven companies in the trucking and automotive accessories industry over a period of three years, Lund International was left with myriad company values, brands and product lines with little organization or clarity as to how those brands fit together. At its core was an identity crisis of corporate-wide proportions, involving more than 1,000 employees. The company had experienced so much growth so quickly there was internal confusion as to whom people were working for. There was external confusion, too — when salespeople from the various brands would attend the same meeting, everyone produced different business cards and did not appear to work for the same company. The director of marketing had the challenge of uniting divisions with fierce brand loyalty under the Lund International umbrella without upsetting the unique cultures that made each brand so successful.

DoubleTake Design was called in to redesign the parent company logo and create new marketing material. We quickly realized that a new logo would not solve the confusion that arose from the mergers and acquisitions — the company needed research and strategic direction before any design work or content development could begin.

We worked with brand-strategy partners to identify and create an overall brand architecture that made sense to Lund International’s various customers, distributors and even internal product developers. In order to understand how the various brands were perceived, we knew we needed to become an integral part of the marketing team, getting in front of Lund International’s key internal and external stakeholders.

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Logo Design

dtd lund logo 8col image

Logo Guidelines

dtd lund logo guidelines 1
dtd lund logo guidelines 2


dtd lund stationery 1

Marketing Materials

A modular collateral system allowed salespeople to customize content for their customers, and included:

  • A Lund International brochure for OEM parts selling to car manufacturers
  • An overview brochure that introduced the brands selling directly to consumers
  • Sell sheets for each of the brands
  • Equipment lists
  • A folder
  • Product catalogs
dtd lund marketing materials 2
dtd lund marketing materials 3
dtd lund marketing materials modular 2dtd lund marketing materials modular 3

Want a truly collaborative branding experience?

“The research phase of the process was very thorough and enlightening for us. It opened our eyes to things we weren’t aware of and validated some of the perceptions we had about our brands and customers. The strategy phase of the process has been well received ... our team has reached consensus on issues we have been struggling with for years. The development of our brand promises and the creation of a RoadMAP for each brand will be an everyday, practical tool for us as we introduce new products and acquire new companies. Thank you for keeping us on track with our projects and for being so professional with our employees and customers.”
Former Director of Marketing
Lund International