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Milking the power of presentation graphics

For his keynote speech at the Sustainable Brands conference, Craig Shiesley, President of Silk U.S. and Canada (WhiteWave Foods), wanted to bring his messages to life with a compelling visual presentation. Silk, as the leading plant-based foods and beverages brand, was launching a new effort to shift the current 2050 food trajectory by changing how food brands operate and how consumers think about food. We were honored to help make the important information in this presentation accessible through bold, simple infographics.

You can view Craig Shiesley’s presentation, “How to Galvanize an Entire Industry by Deepening System-level Understanding” on the Sustainable Brands site, here.

Presentation Design

Sample slides from a keynote speech at the Sustainable Brands conference by Craig Shiesley, President of US Silk and Canada, Whitewave Foods. You can view the full presentation on the Sustainable Brands site.

View Presentation

silk presentation 001 image
silk presentation 002 image
silk presentation 003 image
silk presentation 004 image
silk presentation 005 image
silk presentation 006 image
silk presentation 007 image
silk presentation 008 image
silk presentation 009 image
silk presentation 0010 image

Infographic Development

dtd silk infographics 01 image
dtd silk infographics 02 image
dtd silk infographics 03 image
dtd silk infographics 04 image
dtd silk infographics 05 image
dtd silk infographics 06 image

dtd silk event image

Attendees at the Sustainable Brands conference shared photos of the slides from Craig’s presentation on social media.

dtd silk event tweet image



dtd silk infographic build 01 image
dtd silk infographic build 02 image
dtd silk infographic build 03 image

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