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Mimic Technologies started as a general IT company, but over time began to focus on the financial industry, eventually specializing in IT for Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs). At that point, the company’s name, website and marketing materials no longer communicated what it did or for whom.

Mimic’s partners came up with a great new name, ITEGRIA, and DoubleTake Design was charged with designing a new logo and visual identity system that would appeal to the target market, RIAs. We designed and developed their website/website content and logo guidelines, marketing materials, a high-end presentation cover and folder. We also designed PowerPoint templates, an e-Book cover, signage for their office, tradeshow booths and presentations. Our role continues as their outsourced marketing department. Our social media partner helps with blogging and social media sharing on a regular basis.

ITEGRIA has been named to the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies for the second year in a row! We are proud to be supporting this talented, intelligent group of IT professionals and entrepreneurs.

Before & After

dtd itegria before
Itegria after image

Logo Design

We developed a sophisticated logo for the new brand, emphasizing IT, as well as an IT logomark that is used as a supporting graphical element.

Itegria logo 01 image
Itegria logo 02 image
Itegria Total Advisor Cloud logo image 03

Logo Guidelines

Logo guidelines are important because they provide information about the available logo files, dos and don’ts for how to use the logo, size restrictions, typographic standards for the brand and introduce the extended color palette. Sharing logo guidelines with any partner or employee helps to protect the logo and ensure that it is used consistently.

dtd itegria logo guidelines

Website Design & Development

itegria website image

Marketing Materials

Itegria capabilities brochure and folder image
dtd itegria marketing2
Itegria Why Choose Itegria Brochure
Itegria Advisor Cloud Flyer

Screen Saver

Itegria Advisor Cloud Screen Saver

Infographic Development

Itegria Advisor Cloud Infographics

Tradeshow Exhibit Design

Presentation Design

Itegria presentation image 01
Itegria presentation image 02
Itegria presentation image 03
Itegria presentation image 04
Itegria presentation image 05
Itegria presentation image 06
Itegria presentation image 07
Itegria presentation image 08
Itegria presentation image 09


dtd itegria advertising image 01
dtd itegria advertising image 02

E-Book Design

dtd itegria ebook1
dtd itegria ebook2

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