Brand Creation | Yoplait New Ventures

Capturing the culture of an internal team

In the early days of DoubleTake Design, we did a lot of work with new product development for General Mills brands. We supported their innovative teams, bringing product ideas to life visually by creating product mockups, designing ads that could be used in focus groups to gain feedback and even consulting on the design of end-use packaging once a product made it all the way through the development process.

The Yoplait new product development group named itself “New Ventures,” and wanted to create its own internal brand. They flew us up to Minneapolis to meet with the team in person and explore their offices for inspiration.

Working with Yoplait brand guidelines, we designed a logo for the group, created fun business cards, memo pads, and t-shirts and designed signage for their office to help infuse some of the group’s creative personality into their workspaces. It was so fun to bring their energy to life through these graphic challenges!

Logo Design

yoplait new ventures new ventures logo image
yoplait new ventures avenir logo image


yoplait new ventures business cards image
yoplait new ventures logo stationery side bar imageyoplait new ventures memo pad image


yoplait new ventures signage image
yoplait new ventures signage 02 imageyoplait new ventures signage 03 image

Marketing Materials

yoplait new ventures t-shirts image

Want to make your brand delicious?

Avenir (avnir). Noun. The future or time to come. New beginnings.